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Terms & Conditions

Who Provides Heating Appliance Breakdown Cover?
Your contract is administered by GFP Home Care Ltd, 114-116 Victoria Road Scarborough, YO11 1SL. Registered company 7308373.
The policy document enclosed represents the entire agreement of the partners on the matters in question, which will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Certain words within your terms and conditions or your policy summary have a particular meaning, shown below. Each time we use one of these words it will have the same meaning:

You/Your – The permanent occupier of the property as recorded on the application form and your domestic partner, children and other relatives who permanently reside with you at your property.
Property – Your principal place of residence, used for domestic or commercial purposes, including private flats and maisonettes all situated at the address on your terms and conditions .
We, Us, our GFP Home Care Ltd – 114/116 Victoria Road Scarborough, YO11 1SL.
Boiler: The central heating boiler fired by natural gas, LPG or kerosene (excluding warm air heating) from the appliance isolating cock, including all manufacturers fitted components within the boiler together with the pump, motorised valves, thermostat, time, temperature and pressure controls. The maximum permissible output of your private domestic boiler is 60 kW/hr.
Central Heating System: all pipework from the appliance to radiators etc, motorised valves, pumps, controls, header tanks, (underfloor heating not included), domestic hot water cylinder (unvented, or pressurised cylinders not included).
Gas Fire: The gas fire fired by natural gas, or LPG(Liquid Petroleum Gas) from the appliance isolating cock including all manufactures fitted components together with gas valve, pilot light and controls, (Coals and Fireback not included, see “wearing items”).
Wall Heater: The wall heater fired by natural gas or LPG, from the appliance isolating cock including all manufactures fitted components, together with gas valve pilot lights and controls.
Appliance: Any of the above as is covered under your contract.
Breakdown and or Failure – Sudden or unforeseen electrical or mechanical malfunction of the Appliance, which renders the boiler inoperable
Gas Safe Registered Installer/contractor – an approved Gas Safe Registered Installer
Beyond Economic Repair – The point at which the Gas Safe Registered Installer estimates that the cost to repair your boiler exceeds it value (based on our scale of valuations according to age and boiler type). In the event of the boiler being found Beyond Economical Repair a £200 contribution will be made towards the replacement of the boiler, if the boiler is installed by GFP Home Care LTD.

Annual Service and Maintenance Inspection
The above all come with an option to have an annual service and maintenance inspection.
The service engineer will service the appliance once per year, and also check for safe and efficient operation of the appliance. A GFP Home Care LTD engineer will fill out a safety inspection report, and will provide you with a copy of this report for your records. We may inform you of any works that need to be carried out to prevent any future breakdown. You will be liable for the cost of these works. We will carry out this service once per year, at a similar time of year. Please note that we will try to service appliances outside of the heating season (heating season classed as October to March) to ensure a fast response to breakdowns in the heating season.

Spare Parts
If we do not carry the spare parts your repair needs on the day, we use a central stock of parts, which means we can get hold of most items on the following working day. Otherwise we will do all we reasonably can to obtain parts from our suppliers.

Servicing/Breakdown Appointment Procedures
We will inform you by letter or phone when your appliance is due for annual servicing. We will endeavour to arrange a time around you to carry out this service. Services are undertaken between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm. All our customers are given our Priority Breakdown Service. If you telephone before 2.00pm Monday to Friday, or 12pm on a Saturday we will endeavour to attend the breakdown the same day. If you telephone on a Sunday or Bank Holiday we will endeavour to attend the breakdown the next working day.

For Out of hours emergencies call 01723 377587 or 07769344451 for assistance.

Data Protection Act
We will not pass on your information to any third party, other than professional bodies such as Gas Safe, Oftec, etc, if required by law (For example unsafe installations).

Initial Inspection
We may give your system an initial inspection. The engineer will carry out routine checks to ensure your appliance meets all relevant standards and determine the age/condition of the appliance and system. We will usually carry out this inspection 15 working days from the commencement of the cover, but may be longer during busy periods. If the results of the inspection show there is limescale or hard water build up or sludge inside the boiler or system then a “Powerflush ” will be required at a charge to you, we will give you a discounted price on application.

If this inspection reveals a problem, we may: 

  • Inform you of the work required and what it will cost you for that work to be carried out
  • Cancel the agreement and refund any money you have paid, less the cost of the initial inspection
  • Advise you of an alternative product that is available to you
  • We will usually carry out a service on the appliances when we carry out the initial inspection

Period of Agreement
GFP Home Care Ltd will arrange your agreement cover and agree service standards for the delivery of the cover provided by the agreement. If the agreement does not provide the cover you need, you should return your policy summary to GFP Home Care Ltd at the address shown above (within 42 days of the policy start date) and your premium will be refunded in full, provided no claim has been made and minus the cost of any initial inspection. Please note that your statutory cancellation rights, which begin at the end of the wait period and run for 14 days, are included within this 42-day period.

The minimum period for which you may hold this policy is 12 months. GFP Home Care Ltd will arrange for collection of policy premiums in accordance with your instructions. If you fail to pay any premium on the due date for payment, GFP Home Care Ltd will notify you in writing within five working days, your policy will be suspended immediately and you will not be covered during this period. If you do not pay in full within thirty days of the due date, your policy will be cancelled. Any outstanding payments will be requested and upon receipt of cleared funds your cover will restart. 3

To prevent claims on pre-existing problems (and therefore reduce premiums) a 28-day waiting period, where GFP Home Care Ltd reserves the right to refuse new customers claims, which applies in the first year of your contract. The date from which you are able to make a claim is shown on your confirmation of contract under ‘Period of Agreement’. Providing you renew before the expiry of your contract no waiting period applies after your first year’s cover.

GFP Home Care Ltd – A promise of service We wish to provide you with a very high standard of service. Very occasionally we receive complaints, which we investigate at once. Every effort is made to resolve them to your satisfaction.

If you have a complaint please write to GFP Home Care Ltd 114/116 Victoria Road, Scarborough,YO11 1SL. If your complaint relates to the service you experienced as a result of a claim, and you feel that the matter has not been resolved satisfactorily, you may escalate your complaint to the Company Director of GFP Home Care Ltd.

Changes to Terms and Conditions We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions when necessary. In the event of changes being made we will send you the new terms and conditions. You can also find details of all Terms and Conditions if you visit

What is included: GFP 4000

  • This cover is aimed at providing you total peace of mind by covering your boiler, central heating system and gas appliance for any repair work needed.
  • Labour and Parts for all repairs included
  • If your boiler is beyond economical repair or parts are no longer available, a £200 contribution will be made towards the replacement of the boiler, if the boiler is installed by GFP Home Care LTD.
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Annual service which we will remind you of (if included in agreement)
  • Priority Breakdown Service  Freephone number 0800 0264244 direct to our Scarborough office
  • Advice about your system or appliance from our experienced, professional engineerWhat is included: GFP 3000
  • Same as GFP 4000, except that the labour and parts are for the boiler and central heating system only GFP 2000

What is included: GFP2000

  • Same as GFP 4000, except that the labour and parts are for the boiler internal parts only. GFP 1000
    What is included: GFP1000
  • This agreement covers repairs for your gas fire or wall heater .
  • Labour and Parts for all repair work carried out to your appliance.
    General Exclusions: What is not included:
  • Annual servicing (on breakdown cover only) please note this is still a requirement of your agreement and proof of service will be requested on a yearly basis. We can offer this service, please speak to your engineer.
  • Call outs due to lack of fuel or breakdowns due to contaminates found in the fuel supply
  • Removing sludge or hard-water scale from the boiler or system.
  • Damage caused by hard water or limescale build up.
  • Repairing or replacing your appliance if parts are no longer available.
  • Repairing or replacing appliance flues that are not part of your boiler or gas appliance.
  • Repairing or replacing decorative or specialist parts.
  • Replacing coals and fire backs.
  • Under floor heating systems.
  • High pressure or unvented Domestic hot water systems.
  • Domestic Hot Water pipe work, and any other equipment from the outlet of the cylinder or boiler.
  • Domestic Hot Water header tank and cold feed to the cylinder.
  • Replacing appliances and radiators.
  • Replacing or repairing parts which do not affect how the system or appliance works.
  • Resetting controls (for example, thermostats and programmers following changes due to winter or summer seasons).
  • Unless we have caused it we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property (including cleaning ) caused by the appliance, boiler or system breaking down or leaking.
  •  Any redecoration required following our work is your responsibility, unless caused due to our negligence.
  • Breakdowns due to frozen condensate pipes.
  • Oil tanks and tank sensors for Central Heating Systems.
  • Oil Nozzles
  • Flexible Flue Lines Cancellation
    We will cancel the contract if:
  • You have provided us with false information
  • You do not make the agreed payment
  • We find something wrong at the initial inspection
  • We are not reasonably able to find spare parts to keep your appliance or system running
  • Circumstances arise (including health and safety issues) which make it inappropriate, in our opinion, for the contract to continue.
    If we cancel your agreement we will:
  • Give you a full refund if we find something wrong at the initial inspection, minus the cost of carrying out the initial inspection
  • Give you a refund based on how long is left of any 12 month advance payment.There will be a minimum payment of the price of a non-contract service if we have already carried out work or an inspection.You may also cancel your agreement immediately, either after us letting you know about changes in prices or terms and conditions, or if we fail to do something which we should have done. In this case, you will receive a refund based on how much time is left of the relevant 12 month period or, if you agree, we will put things right and continue the contract.