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Frequently Asked Questions

Im not sure which package to choose?

If you would like to call our Scarborough office on 01723 377587 we would be happy to assist you. We are open Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm.

Can we pay one payment for the full year?

Yes, payment for your contract can be taken either by a monthly subscription, or by one annual payment. Please contact us if you would like to pay in full.

What does an annual service include?

This is a visit we carry out on an annual basis to check your boiler and central heating system or gas appliance (depending on what is included in your agreement) are safe and working efficiently.

Do you increase your premiums every year?

We try to keep your premiums the same every year. We want to keep you as a customer! If the boiler is becoming increasingly unreliable, this is the only time premiums would increase. However, usually if this happens, the boiler is reaching the end of its life, and we would be able to offer you a discounted rate on fitting a new boiler.

Does the age of my boiler affect my price plan?

No, we do not operate any specific age limits. An initial inspection will be carried out to asses the condition of the boiler, and as long as the boiler is in reasonable working order, and parts are still available, the heating system will be accepted.

I am a landlord and have multiple properties?

If you have multiple properties please contact our Scarborough office on 01723 377587 and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. We will then be able to give you an accurate price plan to suit your needs.